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Hochschulen in Kapfenberg


The municipality grants parents a voucher worth € 50 after the birth of their first child for shopping at H&Amp;M in ECE Kapfenberg or a subsidy in the amount of € 50 for purchasing cloth nappies in cooperation with the Mürzverband Social Welfare Community

AktivCard- For 10 years a social milestone in Kapfenberg

With the ActivCard, discounts are available for purchases in a "One for All Market", on weekly and annual MVG public transport tickets, on visits to the indoor and outdoor swimming pools as well as the sauna, on soccer, basketball, and ice hockey matches and when participating in the KSV's young talent model, for visiting the Kapfenberg nursery, for lunch in the all-day care facilities, for attending various cultural events, for offers of the ISGS Kapfenberg and the NTK, for participating in the semester break campaign as well as the free lending of books in the municipal library.
All Kapfenberg residents whose income does not exceed a fixed income limit are entitled to the ActiveCard. This is issued after presentation of the proof of income in the Kapfenberg citizen's bureau and is renewed annually.

Furnitue Exchange Project Kapfenberg

The Furniture Exchange project offers immediate help for people who cannot afford new furnishings. Used (usable) furniture and household goods are taken and then given on. Volunteers of the social circle Kapfenberg also take over apartment clearing and removals. Tel. 43 660 4674754

Support from the Social Fund

The social fund, through donations from private individuals, provides financial support opportunities for women and families. Support is provided primarily for children and young people to start school, for ski courses, sports and project weeks and for participating in various other school events.

Outreach and Preventive Social Work of the ISGS Kapfenberg

The social workers of the ISGS Kapfenberg offer a voluntary, free and anonymous offer of supportive advice and accompany clients in difficult moments in life. The main focus of the activity lies on securing one's livelihood and includes, for example, support in applying for grants and benefits, maintaining and finding accommodation as well as counselling and assistance with financial difficulties and arrears (rent, electricity, heating ...). Tel. +43 3862 21500

Youth Social Work- Streetwork

In Kapfenberg, street workers are working to advise and accompany young people up to the age of 25 in all situations (parents, school, work, addiction, executive branch, justice, relationship). They also carry out crisis interventions and are well networked with various institutions and organisations. Tel. +43 650 82117881

Voluntary Income Management LICHTPUNKT

The Lichtpunkt foundation offers a free, confidential service that supports people from the district of Bruck-Mürzzuschlag in financial difficulties. In the long term, the voluntary income administration secures the livelihood of the people affected. The aim is to stabilise and regain a self-determined life. Tel. +43 699 15088019

Accommodation for Women and Children in Cases of Domestic Violence

Women and their children who are affected by violence (psychological, physical, sexual) are counseled in the women's shelter or can be admitted to it. The women's shelter also carries out around-the-clock crisis interventions and offers psychosocial and legal advice. Tel. +43 316 429900 around-the-clock.

Assisted living

Assisted living is a type of subsidised housing for elderly people within the framework of a rental agreement. A handicapped accessible housing situation in combination with specific care services by caregivers of the Volkshilfe is offered. These services and the additional individual use of mobile social and health services enable elderly people to live in their own home as long as it is socially feasible and their state of health permits. Through the cost subsidies of the state and the community, assisted living is affordable even for people with a low income.

Kapfenberg already has four assisted living buildings:

  • H.-Scheibengraf-Straße 5: 8 Apartments
  • R.-Wagner-Gasse 5: 8 Apartments
  • Schmiedgasse 11: 12 Apartments
  • Grazer Straße 41: 14 Apartments


Care, Supervision, Accompaniment

Volkshilfe in Kapfenberg provides mobile home nursing care, nursing services and home help for around 250 people and provides food on wheels for around 120 people. Volkshilfe also provides therapeutic services, advises caregiving relatives and conducts courses and regular meetings for caring relatives and other interested parties.

Day Centre for Seniors

The semi-stationary care offered in the Johann-Böhm-Straße 27 nursing home enables elderly people to stay in their familiar surroundings as long as possible and still be able to call on professional help during the day. The range of care offered includes holistic day care including meals, memory training, gymnastics, discussion rounds, music, animation and personal hygiene support.

Inpatient Care

Around 250 people are cared for in the nursing homes of the social welfare association J. Böhm-Straße 27 and Grillparzerstraße 2. The nursing home in Grillparzerstraße specialises in the care of people suffering from dementia.

Senior citizens have many participation opportunities in Kapfenberg, such as

  • “Coffee and chat” get-togethers and various activities in the active meeting points run by volunteers in the residential areasKaffeerunden und diverse Aktivitäten in den von Ehrenamtlichen geführten Aktivtreffpunkten in den Siedlungen
  • Hiking excursions - the initiative "walking together“
  • visiting and accompaniment service
  • various volunteer work (managed by the ISGS volunteer exchange)
  • varied sports and cultural activities offered by the numerous clubs in Kapfenberg

ISGS – Hub


The Parent-Child Centre of the ISGS offers an extensive range of services for expectant mothers and parents, such as birth preparation courses (discount with ActiveCard), free midwife counselling, free breastfeeding counselling, mama-baby gymnastics ...

Family Living Room ”FaWoZi“

The family living room is available to all pregnant women and families with children aged 0 - 3 years. In the child-friendly rooms free playing for the small ones takes the centre stage, while the mothers/fathers can converse and can gather information. In the playgroups (AktivCard), small children aged 1 ½ years and up to kindergarten age can, with a chaperon, get to know other children of the same age make contacts. The Family Living Room can also be rented for children's birthdays. By attending parents training meetings in the “FaWoZi”, Kapfenberg coupons, valued at 50, - euros, can be acquired with the MamaPapa ticket every year for three years long. For school children there is also a free task support in the afternoon.


In the ISGS, health prevention is at the forefront. On the programme are ongoing health-promoting activities, such as yoga for beginners and advanced, Feldenkrais, Qigong, relaxation and attentiveness training, experimental painting, memory training (discount with ActiveCard), quitting smoking, rheumatism self-help group, Victory Cancer self-help group, self-help group for people with severe obesity, hospice group ...

M+H Service - Services for People & Home

The M+H Service in the ISGS arranges domestic help for activities around the house and garden and provides free information about the handling of the service cheque. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, errands, childcare, house sitting, washing and ironing, accompaniment to the doctor/public offices, simple garden work, window cleaning and many other services are offered on request. In this regard, the ISGS is also happy to advise interested persons who want to work for M+H Service as service providers.

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